7-50: Parma Schnitzel

Schnitzel has been a favorite of mine ever since I went on a trip with my family to Israel when I was 13 (I chose that instead of the party–I never say no to a chance to travel, especially abroad). Obviously, they didn’t serve a lot of pork schnitzel there, but 7-50: Parma Schnitzel is a good version all the same.

This is a quasi-Italian-style schnitzel, which according to Wikipedia, is one of the few countries that schnitzel is not a cuisine of. Well, this one’s good anyway.

Pork is a no-go for my mom, so she wouldn’t have made this. I’ve never made it either, but I would definitely make it again.

Ingredients. The pork are just standard boneless chops. The bread crumbs were Italian-flavored, which upped the Italian ante in this recipe.

Pounded the chops out as thin as I could, although I backed off a bit after I remembered that I have downstairs neighbors now, and they may not appreciate me pounding away up here.

The difference between a pounded and un-pounded chop.

Pyrex for breading my chops. I love the shallow rectangular ones for this purpose.

Chops are nicely breaded, and ready to fry.

Sauce is cooking, it’s similar to the sauce in 13-10: Zucchini Piccata.

While my sauce cooks, I start another large sauté pan with my butter for the schnitzel. I often like to use my cast iron skillet for frying, but this is my only 12″ pan and I wanted a little more room to work with.

Even without the cast-iron, it still gets a nice crispy golden outer crust.

Finished product. Looks a bit different than the recipe card, but it was delicious. I served this with 4-8: Roasted Peppers with Dressing, which was a nice accompaniment.

Grade: A