12-41: Spaghetti with Green Sauce

Green sauce can mean a lot of different things (pesto, chimichurri, etc.), but for 12-41: Spaghetti with Green Sauce, it features leek tops. Because this recipe is so light, I made this dish for a quick lunch during the week.

The sauce in the photo doesn’t look as green as a pesto, but it definitely is green.

I didn’t follow the tip on this recipe about using spinach as I had with other recipes. The note about spaghetti was interesting–you don’t see much favorable language about pasta these days.

The ingredient shot had so many bright colors in it.

After I heated the butter, I tossed the chopped mushrooms into the pan and heated them until they were golden and delicious.

I had some precooked spaghetti so I tossed it into the pan with the mushrooms to heat up while I made the sauce.

Check out that sliced leek in the sauce pan. I heated it until the leeks got soft.

I added the milk and garlic while heating the sauce to a boil. Once the sauce was thicker, I added the basil.

The final product has a lot of color and the flavors all worked together very well. The recipe is easy to cook, but not exactly the dish I would have thought to cook. I liked that this recipe uses cheap ingredients create a filling dish.

Grade: A-