3-29: Herbed Cucumber Soup

Soup isn’t usually thought of as a hot weather food (unless you’re Lisa Simpson). However, if it’s summer and you’re looking for ice-cold soup options AND gazpacho isn’t your thing, maybe try 3-29: Herbed Cucumber Soup instead.

It’s not technically summer anymore at the time of posting this (October 1), but we’re still hitting 100ºF temps here in California, so I think it counts.

The ingredients list here looks a bit sparse, but check out that TIPS section–it’s a whole recipe section in and of itself. Not sure why they didn’t think to include a lot of that in the original recipe, especially the vinegar.

Ingredients. I was short on regular yogurt, and I had some dairy-free sour cream, so we’ll toss that all together and see how that turns out. I really like dill, and they offered that as a substitution for parsley, so let’s make that happen. Honestly y’all, this is really just tzatziki thinned down and disguised as soup.

Peeling the cucumbers.

Coring/seeding said cucumbers. I used the melon baller for a clean scoop.

Blended it up in my mini-food processor.

Good enough.

Mixed it in with the yogurt. Mine is thicker than it should be, mostly because of my yogurt/sour cream choices. If it’s too thick, just thin it out with a bit of water.

Mixing in the herbs and olive oil.

Looks like soup? Not really, looks like the tzatziki in my fridge right now. Anyone have some gyros?

Final plate–I served it with the recommended ice cube and a side of some bread I baked myself. It was like eating tzatziki sauce. If I did it again, I’d serve it on a gyro instead.

Grade: C-