5-17: Crab-Filled Crêpes

You thought I’d run out of crêpe recipes by now, didn’t you? Here’s yet another for you (#7, at the time of this posting), 5-17: Crab-Filled Crêpes. Simply Delicious has featured both sweet and savory crêpe recipes, and this one would probably be EXCELLENT for a nice brunch.

WAY, way back, when I first started this project (April 2014), crêpes were a new frontier–something I’d never done before. You can read about it in 5-24: Meat-Filled Crêpes.

Now, they’re easy. Time changes so many things.

I just noticed the sodium numbers on this recipe–yikes. TIL: crab is apparently really high in natural sodium.

Ingredients. This is a hodgepodge of dairy substitutes, real dairy, real eggs, and real crab. I can’t even begin to explain what’s going on here, other than that my refrigerator can be very conflicting sometimes.

Starting off with the crêpe batter. In case you were wondering, I still have and use the real cards when I cook these recipes–I never actually got rid of them.

Eggs for the crêpe batter.

This cheap griddle is one of my favorite cooking tools, even if it can be a pain to store. Instant flat-top!

I set up a rack beforehand for the finished crêpes to cool.

I’ve come so far in my crêpe-making skills. They could stand to be a little wider and thinner, but otherwise they’ll work.

Making the roux for the filling.

Looking nice and bubbly.

Whisking in the (oat) milk slowly, keeping it smooth and thick.

Tossed in the crab meat.

Stuffed and rolled as many crêpes as I could fit in the pan–I made a few more than the recommended 8.

Sprinkled (fake) cheese on top to melt.

After baking. The fake stuff doesn’t exactly meld together or brown like real cheese, but they’ve come a long way in what it CAN do.

Blurry final picture of the pan after pulling one or two out. I don’t seem to have a picture of it on a plate, so this will have to do. Overall, very good, and would make for my next (socially-distanced, outdoor, mask-wearing) brunch.

Grade: A