14-22: Strawberry-Peach Cobbler

Finally, we’ve reached the first recipe (for this project) made in my new (to you) kitchen: 14-22: Strawberry-Peach Cobbler. It was summer and 4th of July, so something with fruit that goes well with ice cream was bound to be a hit.

Speaking of 4th of July, I made 2-37: Chicken-Salami-Rice Salad for a party that I attended with a guy that I had just started dating. 10 years later, this is the first recipe I cooked in my very first house, that I bought with that same guy (who I ended up marrying not long after I made that first recipe).

Told you this book has some memories.

The TIPS section offers a suggestion on how to turn this into an apple cobbler instead, in case you’re looking for something to bring to Thanksgiving instead.

Ingredients. I’m using star cutters instead of hearts (for obvious USA-related purposes) for my biscuit dough. I also cheated and bought a pre-made crescent roll dough sheet, since I needed it to be as easy as possible.

Breaking down the peaches (and a nectarine that snuck in there).

Breaking down strawberries.

Slicing up the strawberries after rinsing them.

I chose to mix up my fruit rather than stack it–at this point I don’t even remember why.

Cutting out my star shapes for the top. One benefit of quartz countertops–they’re awesome for rolling out dough.

I fit as many stars onto the cobbler itself as I could, and then shaped the rest into one massive star to bake on the side.

After baking. Not as elegant as using their dough recipe, but it gets the job done. This is super easy to do, just pick up some fruit and a pre-made dough, do a little slicing, and you have a homemade dessert!

Grade: A