17-26: Breakfast Crescents

Baking is still new to me, so I took this recipe, 17-26: Breakfast Crescents as another chance to experiment with yeast again. These crescents taste very much like a loaf of bread, just in crescent roll form.

This is just a simple bread recipe where you roll the dough into crescents.

The tips section is correct that they are fairly dense when cool. I did enjoy them piping hot from the oven.

The ingredients are simple: Yeast, Salt, Flour, Sugar, and Water.

I put the yeast into the warm water and stirred it very gently. This yeast and water mixture is what gives bread its trademark smell.

With my bare hands, I mixed the flour into the dough.

With the mixture combined, I put this bowl in Jamie’s favorite rising spot, on top of the refrigerator, covered with a towel.

The ball has doubled in size!

I cut the dough into 16 dough balls, 10 pictured here because I already had 6 on the sheet.

Check out the two sheets full of crescents.

I baked them until they were golden brown and delicious in a 425 degree oven.

These crescents barely lasted on the plate. I felt like they could have used salt on top like a pretzel.