15-23: Kiwi Mousse in Chocolate Cups

15-23: Kiwi Mousse in Chocolate Cups is the final recipe from last year’s Mother’s Day (MD2019) AND the final recipe from this kitchen, which was the backdrop for this project for 5 of its 6 years (at the time of this writing) of existence. I made this in tandem with 15-10: Frozen Raspberry Desserts, since they both make use of chocolate cups and frozen fillings.

These ones didn’t turn out quite as well as their raspberry counterparts, but they made a nice contrast and provided some variety. Along with these two chocolate cup desserts, I also made 15-17: Summery Cantaloupe as part of my dessert offerings for Mother’s Day.

Simply Delicious notes that the enzymes in kiwis will curdle cream (similar to pineapple), so this is an a la minute type of dessert.

Ingredients. Unlike 15-10: Frozen Raspberry Desserts, this one actually tells you how to make the chocolate cups and includes them in the recipe. Therefore, if you’re making both, do this one first and double the chocolate cups part so you’ll have enough.

I’m swapping an alternative whip for cream, and salad topping almonds for the plain sliced ones.

Prepping the chocolate cup assembly line–remember, I’m doubling this part so I’ll have cups for 15-10: Frozen Raspberry Desserts as well.

This recipe calls for 3 oz of chocolate for 4 cups, so we’ll double that to 6 oz for 8 cups.

This was the wrong type of whisk for this, but you get the point. Put your chocolate & butter into a double boiler in order to melt it down.

Brushing the cups with the melted chocolate. It’s going to take a few coats before they’re strong/thick enough to be peeled off of there in one piece.

Here’s a closeup of what the brushing process looks like. It’s not easy to do in the first place–it’s even harder when you try to take a picture with one hand and brush with the other.

The pan on the left has one coat, the one on the right has two. I think it took 3-4 rounds in total.

Starting to peel the kiwis.

After peeling.

As instructed, I chopped (more like a dice at this point) 3 of the kiwis, and sliced the last one.

Still adding coats of chocolate to the cups.

After at least 4 coats of chocolate. I made extra cups because as you can see in the row closest to the camera, some have already cracked.

ALWAYS make extra if you can, especially with something delicate like this. I guarantee you will break at least one, and it’s not exactly a quick process to remake them.

Most of these will be assembled onsite (due to the TIP about the kiwi enzymes breaking down the cream), but I needed to do a complete one for the “camera plate”.

I took a spoonful of chopped kiwi (in a container borrowed from and since returned to my mom) and mixed it with a spoonful of whipped topping.

I used one of the chipped cups for this since I only had a few left that were still whole, and I wanted to use those for the dessert itself. I added a sliced strawberry (for color contrast) and the requested almond slices.

Side by side with its counterpart, 15-10: Frozen Raspberry Desserts. Along with 15-17: Summery Cantaloupe, it was a very fruit-focused Mother’s Day. I think the raspberry ones were better (lighter and fluffier), but it was nice to have two varieties either way.

Grade: B+