9-13: Hungarian Frittata

Frittata is one of my favorite dishes. I could eat eggs all day: morning, noon, and night. I am so happy that the meme of Put an Egg On It has come into existence. A warm egg yolk on top of well done corned beef hash is my favorite application of Put an Egg On It. Sausages and salami inside a bed of scrambled eggs could be a close second for best application of eggs in a dish.

A frittata sounds a lot like an omelette: Eggs, veggies, and meat combined together. The difference is in how the ingredients are combined.

I love the illustration of the sausage and salami on this card. Their choice of ingredients look much more appetizing than the cheap ones I bought to use in this recipe.

You can see my choice of wieners was good old fashioned Oscar Mayer. This dish could have used some more spices. I had to dump hot sauce all over it to make the dish have some flavor. My favorite is the Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Hot Sauce.

The knife I used to cut the meat looked similar to the one in the illustration. I used a chef knife to cut the veggies and got ready to start cooking after completing the mise en place.

Frying meat is one of my top 5 favorite smells. I should have left the salami out of the pan because it burned by the time I added the egg.

After 3 minutes, I added the peppers and onion. I let them cook until they got softer and more translucent.

By the time I added the tomatoes, the salami was already burnt. It doesn’t mention when to add the salami into the pan, except maybe in the step 5, “Beat eggs. Pour eggs over all ingredients in pan.” I think by implying all, you were supposed to toss the salami in then.

Such beautiful yolks in these eggs. Time to beat them and make fancy scrambled eggs.

I love using the French Coil Whisk to beat eggs. It is probably the best whisk for eggs and it requires minimal wrist movement. I forgot to take a photo after I added the eggs to the pan because I was too busy stirring the eggs as advised on the recipe card. I thought it was odd to stir a frittata because it will not set up like a traditional frittata. The Hungarians must have a different idea of what a frittata is.

It was easiest to serve this frittata scramble in a bowl. Just after, I took this photo I dumped the Green Dragon Hot Sauce on top of this and enjoyed it immensely. The sauteed vegetable, meat, and egg scramble the editors would like to call a frittata was warm and delicious, but needed a lot more flavor. I ate the rest for lunch over the week. I really enjoy any kind of egg based dish and this one was no exception.