9-29: Ground Meat Kebabs

The Ground Meat and Sausage category is mainly 2 types of dishes: ground meat patties and ground meat kebabs. 9-29: Ground Meat Kebabs is one of the kebab variety. I made this recipe at the same time as 9-19: Meatballs on Skewers because they called for almost identical ingredients.

Grilling outside is much more satisfying than using a grill pan in my apartment, but I currently don’t have a lot of space for grilling.

Editor’s note: Putting on my ex-history teacher hat for a second–note that Simply Delicious claims this dish is from the vineyards of Yugoslavia, which hasn’t been a country since the late 80s/early 90s, around the time the Soviet Union collapsed. These remind me a lot of lule kabobs, which were one of my favorites when we lived in a heavily-Armenian area in Los Angeles (the apartment with the blue tiles and yellow walls from the beginning of this project). These are NOWHERE near as good as those ones, but I suppose they could pass in a pinch. 

I learned from the TIPS section to prepare the entire batch ahead of time and then it is easier to cook the entire batch.

The ingredients are very similar to gyro, a mixture of ground beef and lamb, spiced with onion and garlic. The egg and cornstarch act as binders to hold the kebabs in their distinctive shape.

My knife skills keep improving, but I should still cut the onion smaller than this when the chopped onions go into a ground meat mixture.

After heating up the oil, I added the onion and garlic to sauté until soft.

Here’s where I added everything into the bowl to mix: Paprika, egg, onion, garlic, cornstarch, beef and lamb.

Here’s how it looks when it’s all mixed together.

Wow, the first batch looks delicious. Here’s when I started the second batch in the pan, searing them like meatballs.

The full batch of the Ground Meat Kebabs look delicious.

The final product looks great with some yogurt sauce on a bed of rice. The meatballs got a nice crispy crust, full of flavor and delicious with lamb-y goodness. Gyro is my favorite use of lamb meat, so I was happy with the final product.