17-65: Giant Caramel Rolls

A recent Sunday brunch called for a special treat: 17-65: Giant Caramel Rolls. Similar to “sticky buns“, these rolls have been taunting me for a while. I decided to make a batch and drop them off for brunch–that way most of them gets eaten by everyone else.

Don’t get me wrong–there’s still two in my freezer as I type this. But that’s better than ALL of them. Plus, there wasn’t room for all of them–I still had 16-14: Orange-Almond Cake in there, too. The rest of these ended up in my mom’s freezer instead.

I don’t have giant muffin cups (another potential addition to the Amazon list), so I’ll have to do these on sheet pans. Since I’m trying to at least compromise when it comes to health, I’m also going to split these into 12-not-so-giant rolls instead of 6 enormous ones.

Ingredients. The egg is missing from the picture (I always seem to forget to include the egg), but it made it into the actual rolls. I used a mix of dark and light brown sugar for this, but if I had enough, I would have used all dark brown sugar.

Blooming the yeast.

There’s that old butter melter again. The new one’s on the list, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Maybe after pay day.

First cup of flour into the butter mixture.

Dough ball goes to chill in the fridge while I make the filling.

Filling ingredients, with both light and dark brown sugar.

I like those shiny swirls of butter, cinnamon, and sugar.

I wanted the filling to firm up some before spreading it, so it went in the fridge as well.

Rolled out the dough after an hour or two.

Chopped up some pecans.

Spread out the caramel-ly filling. It was still pretty sticky, but spread better than I had anticipated.

Covered the filling with pecans. I know they say to roll a square, but since I want to get 12 rolls out of this, I went with more of a rectangle, like they had you do in 17-4: Cinnamon Rolls.

The end ones were a little wonky, but the inner ones have promise.

Some of them came out gorgeous–and some had problems. I kept the problem ones for myself and wrapped up the pretty ones for Sunday brunch.

This was one of the pretty ones. They’re delicious sticky buns, and if you can restrain yourself, a nice gift idea or breakfast side.

Grade: A-