4-7: Mixed Vegetable Bake

4-7: Mixed Vegetable Bake is yet another boring vegetable dish. ? ? ? There wasn’t an emoji for the vegetables used in this dish, but it was such a bland dish that even the text needs a little excitement with some added emojis! ?

This onion is about the most flavorful part of this combination behind the cheese. The vegetables add a lot of color, but not a lot of flavor.

I didn’t have individual quiche pans to cook this in, you’ll see how I improvised later down in this post.

I substituted labne in the place of cream cheese because I couldn’t find lactose free cream cheese at the market. Cream cheese is the most difficult product to find in a “lactose-free” version.

Grating the carrot and zucchini in the food processor was a breeze with the grater blade attachment.

Hand chopped parsley for putting into the egg mixture.

After melting the butter in the pan, I added the onion and sautéed it until it was soft.

Toss in the zucchini, carrot, parsley, and minced garlic and cook until the vegetables are soft.

With the labne and cottage cheese added, the dish becomes a big mess.

It’s a good idea to beat the eggs separately and then add into the mixture, so I reused the cottage cheese container to beat the eggs. I poured the eggs into the batter and stirred it well to combine.

My pan couldn’t hold all of the batter so I split it and poured half into the small glass dish to bake.

The bake came out with such a beautiful golden brown crust, with specks of orange and green. Also see the lovely black crust of spilled batter around the pan.

A photo of the final product. This dish can be dressed up with just a simple smear of ketchup. You can also add any meat of your choice as a side dish and it makes for a good meal. This bake tastes quite boring, but it is very filling and nutritious.