17-40: Apple Rolls

Editor’s note: Happy New Year! We start the new year by finishing up a bit of old business from last year! 

My second apple recipe for this year’s holiday gifts (XMAS 16) is 17-40: Apple Rolls. These “not too sweet” rolls contain an apple wedge wrapped inside a savory dough, covered with sesame seeds. I made a double sized batch of these rolls. Thankfully, the instructions are very good and I’ve practiced with yeast enough times to make a pretty decent dough.

I wish I had taken the advice from the front of the card and used chopped pecans instead of sesame seeds.

These rolls look and taste like a miniature apple pie. The apple bakes inside the dough and gets soft and chewy, just like apple pie filling.

This batch contained one and a half bags of apples, but only one is pictured in this ingredient shot.

This recipe advises to start the yeast in warm water. I microwaved this cup for 30 seconds and the temperature hit 110 degrees on the dot.

Beat the two eggs and get ready to combine all the wet ingredients into the bowl.

The color turned yellow after adding the melted butter and buttermilk into the yeast and egg mixture.

Next, I add the flour, cinnamon, and sugar into the bowl and stir vigorously until combined. While the yeast was proofing,  I peeled and chopped the apples. Combining more sugar and cinnamon, I made a topping that bakes into the apple wedge inside the roll.

Ta-DA! Lots of apple wedges ready to roll inside some dough.

POOF! Check out the rise on that dough. I punched it down and divided the dough into two. This gave me the amount to cut into 3 equal parts as written on the card.

This image shows the next step where I divided the 1/3 portion into 10 equal portions and pressed the dough sections into squares.

Next, I spooned some cinnamon-sugar topping on the dough and placed an apple wedge on top. Fold the dough around the wedge and seal it up like a coin purse to create an apple roll. Repeat 30 times and lay the rolls out on sheet pans.

Finally, I applied an egg wash and sesame seeds before placing the rolls in the oven to bake.

Golden-brown and delicious Apple Rolls! These rolls were a hit…to me anyway. I liked that they tasted like a handheld apple pie. The sesame seed flavor reminds me of a mock apple pie flavor as it acts as a complimentary, savory flavor to the sweet, chewy apple filling.


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