16-9: Raspberry Tart

Here’s a simple dessert that’s easy for a dinner, gift, or even just a snack. 16-9: Raspberry Tart is exactly what it sounds like–pie crust in a tart pan filled with raspberry preserves and topped with bits of dough. Simply Delicious uses a simple drop method for the dough topping, but I think we can do better than that. ?

Why did anyone think that amorphous blobs of dough were an acceptable tart topping? ?‍♀️

Not much to this one–it’s essentially pâte brisée with fruit filling.

Ingredients. I chose to use graham cracker crumbs instead of bread crumbs–I don’t know if graham cracker crumbs didn’t exist as a thing back in the 1980s, but I think they make a more appropriate component than regular bread crumbs, especially for a sweet dessert. I went with raspberry pie filling instead of preserves–the price was better and its purpose in this recipe is literally what it exists for.

Butter and sugar in the stand mixer to be creamed.

Added in the egg that I forgot to include in the original ingredients picture.

Despite my lazy inclinations, I actually did sift the flour and baking powder together for this–usually I just throw it all into the mixer without even bothering.

Dough ball–usually they tell you to chill it for a bit after making it, but this recipe did not.

Pressed most of it into the tart pan with the tart tamper, but realized at this point that I had forgotten to put the crumbs at the bottom. I pulled the dough back out (springform pans make that much easier), put the crumbs down, and re-pressed the dough back into the pan. The ½ cup or so that the recipe asks you to reserve for topping can be seen in the background.

The recipe only asks for 8 oz. (1 cup) of preserves as filling, but I got a little crazy and used all 24 oz. (2 full cans) of raspberry filling that I purchased. SO MUCH FILLING.

I rolled out my dough ball and cut pieces out with some star cutters I got for Christmas a year or two ago–I thought that it would look a lot neater than just blobs.

After baking. I let it cool completely and then pulled it out of the pan. I wrapped it loosely with some plastic wrap and brought it to my folks’ house for a Sunday treat. I never actually ended up getting a piece of it (big rainstorm chased us back home early–California’s having a LOT of rain this year), but I heard it was delicious.

Grade: A-