7-24: Cran-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Simply Delicious contains the best recipes for pork tenderloin. I particularly enjoy this preparation, 7-24: Cran-Glazed Pork Tenderloin, which uses cranberry sauce–my favorite part of the Thanksgiving (or Christmas) meal. ?

Pork and wine taste great when combined together. Instead of marinating the pork as in 7-18: Pork Tenderloin in Wine Sauce, the cranberry sauce and wine are put in the pan to create a sauce to coat the pork tenderloin in flavor. ?

The TIPS section preaches an eternal truth: DO NOT OVERCOOK THE MEAT.

This dish had a lot of ingredients, and there doesn’t happen to be a picture of them for this entry. I cannot find the original–I must have deleted it while filing this batch of photos. Imagine the things listed above, in picture form.

This is one pork tenderloin cut in half so that it fits into a normal sized pan. I had to use a large pan to cook 7-18: Pork Tenderloin in Wine Sauce and I didn’t want to use such a large pan this time around. Cooking on a smaller surface will concentrate the heat and cook the meat evenly. Start by browning the outside of the two pieces.

Got some crust going on one side. The meat turns white as it cooks. Pork is the other white meat.

Now that’s a more appetizing color. The meat is still needs to cook internally. While it cooks, we will make the sauce to serve with the pork.

My favorite part, pouring a half cup of cranberry sauce on to the pork tenderloin in the pan.

Add some red wine to the pan to cook in the pork drippings.

After cooking for a few minutes, the sauce is coming together nicely. Spoon it back over the pork tenderloin to add moisture while cooking.

Boil the sauce until reduced while the meat is resting.

Perfectly cooked pork, still pink in the middle, crusty and delicious on the outside. This roast is probably the best quality pork tenderloin I have ever prepared. Simply Delicious has taught me well.

Here’s the bowl of tenderloin with some glistening cranberry sauce on top. This dish didn’t last long in my refrigerator.