11-3: Indian Scampi

Jamie made me a dish when we first started dating that she called “Shrimp Something“. This recipe, 11-3: Indian Scampi is a dish that is pretty similar to “Shrimp Something” so I really enjoyed it. ?

Shrimp has to be one of my favorite crustaceans to eat. ?

The TIPS section states you can skip the flambé, but I never pass up an opportunity to light a pan of food on fire! ?

These frozen shrimp are the best. They are very convenient and you can make multiple dishes from one bag.

To start creating this dish, I chopped the red pepper into strips and chopped the green onion while the butter melted in the pan.

Once the onion and red peppers were cooked through, I added the shrimp to the pan.

Next, I added the curry powder and chili powder. The melted butter and shrimp juices have started to form a sauce.

With my hairy arm, I uncorked the Grand Marnier and poured some into the pan. Let the lighting commence in 3…




The flames got a little high during this flambé.

When burning alcohol, you get blue and yellow flames.

This photo shows the last of the flames as they flicker out.

The sauce is getting thicker in consistency at this point. To substitute for whipping cream, I added a mixture of half milk and half sour cream.

The sauce turned lighter as I stirred the ingredients in the pan.

Following the suggestion on the card, I served this dish on a bed of white rice. Curry powder and Grand Marnier combine to create a rich sauce for the shrimp. Always excited by a chance to play with fire, I couldn’t get enough Indian Scampi. This meal disappeared pretty quickly.