8-31: Roast Beef

This recipe is the best kind of recipe from Simply Delicious, an easy one. I’m not the most confident at preparing roast beef in this manner, however, the method shown in 8-31: Roast Beef is easy and can be applied to other cuts of meat such as lamb. ?

Simple is the best way to describe baking a roast beef in the oven.

Editor’s note: I’ve made this one before–it was part of my fancy dinner party I had in my first apartment after college. You know, before I had to surrender it to the roaches. ? I’ve continued to use it as a basic roast beef recipe, although now I like to do a beef broth/mixed-herb/red wine marinade before roasting. 

Making gravy is suggested, however, the mood didn’t strike me to make gravy when I prepared this roast beef. I was making baked potatoes instead of mashed, gravy goes best on mashed potatoes.

The ingredient shot is short and sweet. Jamie suggested to use the one-third hotel pan as the roasting vessel. These pans are super versatile and can be used in the oven and on the stove-top. Keeping it simple, the roast goes into the pan and gets covered in salt and pepper.

The final product after baking in the oven for an hour and 30 minutes. My cut of meat was thicker so I let it go a little longer.

Pink and medium rare…Perfection on a Plate. My baked potato looks pretty, but was slightly under-cooked. The non-palatable parsley garnish lost me points with Jamie, but the chopped chives on the sour cream atop the baked potato makes this photo pop IMO. ? Photo critique officially over.