3-33: Broccoli Wild Rice Soup

This is not my first time to the broccoli soup rodeo, so 3-33: Broccoli Wild Rice Soup should be a snap. ?? A while back, I made 3-21: Broccoli-Celery Soup and broccoli is still in season at the time I  am writing this post.

Cold isn’t my favorite temperature when eating soup, but with so much sour cream, the soup may separate during reheating. ❄

The “TIPS” section is very reflective of the time, reducing calories is all the rage! What we didn’t know in the 80’s was that the light and low-fat replacements for regular food are full of sugar. Sugar is not a fat, but it can make you fatter. When looking to lose weight, it is better to use the regular version of a food, just eat the appropriate amount of the dish. Everything in moderation is key. ?

The ingredients for this dish look a lot like the Broccoli-Celery Soup, minus the celery, plus green pepper. Everything in Simply Delicious has green pepper in it. Another sign of the times.

This soup starts like most soups, with water in a pot. First, we cook the wild rice.

The wild rice in boiling water. The light rippling across the surface of the water looks like a face to me. What image do you see?

A pan full of onions sautéeing in butter is my favorite smell to come home to.

The rice is almost tender at this point. The broccoli goes into the pot to steam while I chop the green peppers.

Look how soft and translucent the onions are. The pepper goes into the pan next.

Broccoli stems are actually very tasty, but they take a while to soften while being cooked in chicken broth.

The soup base is boiling in the pan. The broccoli stems are softer at this point. The mixture is ready to go in the blender.

The Vitamix made short work of this purée of broccoli.

Here’s my clammy mitt adding cream and sour cream into the purée in pot I cooked the wild rice in.

Spices go in and everything gets a big stir!

Finally, broccoli florets go into the pot and everything gets one final stir.

The final soup, ready to serve. The soup looks white under this light, but the soup looks different in the bowl I served up.

Garnished with sour cream and green onion, you can see how green the soup looks compared to the white counter and white sour cream. I ate the rest of the soup for lunch over the week, cold, as suggested. ❄