6-20: Rosemary Chicken

6-20: Rosemary Chicken is another “Easy” level recipe, my favorite kind of recipe from Simply Delicious. This isn’t my usual method to prepare chicken, but it is fun to try something new every once in a while.  ?

The editors of Simply Delicious are sometimes off on their estimate of cooking time. 45 minutes isn’t nearly long enough to bake a chicken at the temperature they recommend on this card. I found this out the hard way. ?

The thickest part of the thigh is my favorite part of the chicken. Skewering this delectable meat with a thermometer seems like sacrilege, but this is the optimal area to test the internal temperature. ?

The ingredients shot is a simple one: Chicken, salt, oil, and dried rosemary. Next comes the tricky part. ?

Chopping a chicken in half is not as easy as you think. It took two knives and a lot of pushing down. ??

Putting the two halves side by side with a drizzle of oil and rosemary is a new preparation method to me.? Here’s the chicken before going into the oven…

…and after coming out of the oven after an hour and a half. ? Crispy golden brown skin and perfectly cooked chicken. ?

Such a beautiful baked leg of chicken. I prepared this chicken to use for other recipes during the week. ? I just ate the chicken alone so the plate is bare on purpose. Aromatic and delicious, I would cook chicken this way again, maybe using a pair of poultry shears instead of a knife to cut the chicken in half.