3-18: Shrimp Bisque

I’ve always been a fan of a nice seafood bisque–lobster and/or shrimp bisque on a menu always gets at least a consideration from me, if not an order. 3-18: Shrimp Bisque was a solo affair for me (cream-based things usually are), but I enjoyed every bit of it. ?

I’ll admit it right now: I left the peas out of my version (except for the final picture plate–sorry to break the illusion), but you go right ahead and include them if you dig peas.

The “Tips” section outlines a strategy for making a shrimp stock to add to your fish bouillon, resulting in a “shrimpier” flavor, but if you have an ethnic market (or even a well-stocked supermarket) nearby, you might be able to find shrimp powder, which smells like fishy death but makes your soup VERY shrimp-y.

Ingredients. I’m using frozen shrimp (which is okay, they come back just fine), a mixture of heavy cream and sour cream (due to a lack of half-and-half or enough heavy cream), and sherry. I have some fish bouillon due to other recipes I’ve made for this project, so I’ll be using that–perhaps spiked with a bit of the aforementioned shrimp powder (not pictured).

Making a roux to thicken the cream-based soup.

After working water-thinned heavy & sour cream into the roux, I started adding the spices.

Submerged some whole shrimp into the tomato-y, creamy soup. You’d add some peas here too, if you happened to be so inclined.

Final picture. I did sink a few peas in there for the picture, but that’s about the extent of it. Otherwise, it was a tomato-y, creamy, shrimp-y soup, reminiscent of my favorite Simply Delicious recipe (11-12: Creamy Sautéed Shrimp), but in soup form.

Grade: A