17-57: Coffee Cake Wreath

This recipe, 17-57: Coffee Cake Wreath is really delicious and the wreath presentation is really pleasing to the eye. ?

Our kitchen equipment collection has been curated by Jamie over the years. We have the perfect pair of scissors to cut this dough in our knife block.

Coffee cake is one of my favorite desserts. Onto the ingredients!

Ingredients for baked goods tend to look the same: Milk, butter, yeast, salt, and flour.

Butter warmers are good for melting butter at low heat on the stove. The milk is in the microwave, it needs to be warm to start the yeast.

Ding! The milk is exactly 108 degrees, ready to go into the bowl with the yeast.

Melted butter goes in the bowl.

Anytime I bake something, I get flour everywhere. This time is no exception.

A dough ball covered in flour is a common photo in any baked good. This is going to rest for a while while I prepare the filling.

The filling ingredients are ground pecans (instead of almonds), golden raisins, cinnamon, egg, and butter.

Mix up the butter and ground pecans with some sugar.

Add a spoonful of cinnamon and whip well.

Here’s the pastry, ready to be filled. The filling is in the bowl on the left, the golden raisins in the bowl on the right. I put the fillings in the middle and rolled the dough into a ring and then into a wreath.

Using the scissors, I cut the dough and pulled the middle to the right and then the left in a pattern around the wreath.

Mix the egg and some water and wash the pastry with egg wash. Throw that pan into the oven and let it bake.

Golden brown and delicious. The coffee cake wreath smells amazing.

What a slice. A nice triangle of cinnamon-raisin-y deliciousness. This wreath did not last long.