3-10: Potato-Onion Bisque

This one was weird for me–not the recipe itself, but the fact that I could have sworn I’d already cooked 3-10: Potato-Onion Bisque for this project. Alas, that did not seem to be the case as I could not find pictures of it anywhere. Strange, as this seems like it would have been one of the ones I cooked way back in 2014 when this project first started. Maybe I did and just forgot to take pictures?

It IS getting cold out there (I mean, we’ve had to put on hoodies here in California–that’s winter weather as far as I’m concerned), so maybe a quick and easy soup might be a nice & warm lunch/dinner option?

So this one’s been marked as “revisited“–not only have I made it at some point (I’m having some hazy recollections of poorly attempting this recipe sometime in high school), but it looks like my mother did as well (that’s her “12/24” scribble). I’m guessing we had this as part of some long-ago Christmas Eve?

Ingredients. As usual, a weird mix of non-dairy and dairy ingredients, along with some vegan chicken broth to replace the real thing. They mention you can use leeks instead of green onions if you want, but I prefer the latter so that’s what we’re going with.

Whipped up some “chicken” broth.

Sous chef works hard on peeling/chopping potatoes and onions for me.

Boiling potatoes as directed.

Added in the onions after 10 minutes; continued to boil.

Now here’s where I messed it up all those years ago in high school…the recipe says you can blend/puree this soup in the food processor. DON’T, or you’ll end up with it leaking out the bottom and all over your countertop. Trust me on this one–go with a blender.

Added the blended soup back into the pot and poured in the half-and-half.

Finished it with some cheese and paprika, and that’s all it takes! Pretty easy/cheap option, and very warm and filling for the cool winter months. Just don’t use a food processor if you can avoid it.

Grade: A-