7-7: Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Rolls

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Simply Delicious uses mushrooms pretty heavily throughout their recipes–about 20% of the recipes I’ve covered so far have involved them. I wasn’t a big mushroom eater when I was a kid, but I’ve (slowly) begun warming up to them. 7-7: Mushroom-Stuffed Pork Rolls aren’t especially fancy, but they’re not a bad option for lunch, dinner, or even making in a large batch for a party.

This is the first recipe (of 160+ at this point) that uses sage, described as being “savory & slightly peppery.” I like using sage with mushrooms (along with parsley, rosemary, & thyme–the “essential herbs,” according to Simon & Garfunkel), as the earthy flavors of both complement each other well.?

I just noticed the sodium levels on this recipe–1064 mg per serving (that’s like half your daily recommended amount). If you want to cut that down, look towards lower sodium versions of the beef/chicken broth (or use homemade stock) and the soy sauce–that’s where all the salt is coming from. You could probably get rid of the olives too–they’re optional and a big sodium contributor as well.

Ingredients. I did not take any of the sodium-lowering suggestions, but I did swap half-and-half for LF whole milk since that’s how it goes here. I happened to find a good price on shiitake mushrooms at the market, so I figured I’d use those for this recipe since they have such a nice umami flavor and that seems to be the prevailing theme of this dish.

Yet another picture of chopped yellow onions in a shiny metal bowl.

Chopped up some black olives (because I’m not passing up an opportunity to eat olives).

Chopped up the shiitakes as well.

Sautéed all the stuffing ingredients together. I had some bacon fat in the fridge, I should have used that instead of butter–even MORE flavor.

Chopped my parsley–used to chop a LOT of parsley for topping dishes, blending in dressings–everything gets parsley in a restaurant.

After a trip through the pan–looks delicious.

Sliced my pieces of boneless pork shoulder thinly, and then stuffed/rolled them, fastening with a toothpick as advised.

Browning the rolls in the same pan in which I sautéed the stuffing ingredients–gotta build those flavors for the final pan sauce.

After adding my beef broth (despite its light color, it is in fact beef broth). I chose beef to build on that umami theme that the recipe already had going.

No good pics of the pan sauce (those go fast, sometimes I forget to stop and take pictures), but here’s a nice cross-section of a cooked & sauced roll. A few make a nice lunch or dinner dish–a full pan of them would make a good party dish. You could use a less expensive mushroom and probably have a very economical but tasty dish.

Grade: A