15-31: Pavlova Meringue Tart

This recipe, 15-31: Pavlova Meringue Tart had a couple of firsts. It was my first attempt at making a meringue, but it was also my first failure at making a meringue. However, my first successful meringue came out of this experience too, so in the end, it was all good! ?

Due to lactose intolerance, I substituted the whipped cream for a coconut whipped topping. Half of my berries were bad so this tart had a lot more kiwi than raspberries. ?

I’ve watched Jamie make a few meringues, so I picked up a few tips from her. I should have followed the procedures she uses most times she makes a meringue when I started and maybe my first meringue might not have failed. Even with all of Jamie’s experience, I’ve watched her mess up a meringue.

I used twice as many eggs because my first batch of meringue failed. I also should have left the coconut whipped topping in the freezer. It never worked quite right once it thawed.

I chilled the bowl after the first batch failed and made sure that I cracked the eggs better. In the first batch, I dropped a yolk into the whites and some yolk did break off which can ruin a meringue.

Check out those stiff peaks. Once the meringue was complete, I laid it out the meringue into two small circles and put the pan into the oven to bake.

Here is both of the meringues in the oven.

After they baked for a while, the recipe advises you to leave them in the oven to dry for hours and hours.

Here’s the final product with the coconut whipped topping, kiwi, and raspberries. The second tart cracked more than this shell did so we just ate the meringue with no topping. Baked meringue is like crunchy cotton candy. Sugary and delicious.