1-19: Flambéed Mushrooms

? Flambé! 1-19: Flambéed Mushrooms isn’t something I would normally serve because most people I know are not huge fans of mushrooms. I really enjoy using the lighter to flambé these mushrooms! ?

Mushrooms and garlic are one of my favorite flavor combinations. I really enjoy stuffed mushrooms and these taste similar, just without the breadcrumbs and butter. If you’re looking for something more similar to stuffed mushrooms, check out 1-16: Mushrooms Escargot. ?

In this case I should have paid more attention to the tip. I had a lid, but it was up in a cabinet. If the fire got out of hand, it would have taken me a bit to get the lid from the cabinet. Always be prepared. ?

This recipe uses lots of earthy ingredients and alcohol. I borrowed this Grand Marnier from my mother-in-law’s liquor cabinet and also used this for the other flambé recipe we featured, 9-15: Peppercorn Beef Burgers.

Some sliced mushrooms in the bowl.

After melting some butter, I added the mushrooms and waited for them to soften.

After the mushrooms were soft, I added the garlic, bay leaf and lemon juice into the pan. After another few minutes on the heat, I added the Grand Marnier.

Getting the lighter in the pan and ready to spark the flambé! ?

Wow! Blue flames and they are spilling out of the pan. The whole pan is engulfed in flames for a quick moment.

The flames died down a bit, but flickered for a few seconds while I tossed the alcohol around the pan.

Tossing the mushrooms in the flames imparts the Grand Marnier flavor into them.

Last photo with flames! FLAMBÉ! ?

I served the final product over rice as I was the only one eating them. Jamie isn’t a huge fan of mushrooms. I really enjoyed the flavor, but again, my first thought when cooking a nice meal isn’t to light the pan on fire. This is my second flambé dish and probably my last for a while.