6-17: Chicken Breast with Cheesy Filling

There was apparently a week in April 1992 (can’t say that without thinking of this) when my mom was on a tear through this book. 7-14: Easy-to-Make Pork Casserole is from two days earlier, and there’s a few more coming up from that same time period.  6-17: Chicken Breast with Cheesy Filling seems like something my mom would have been all about–she loves chicken breasts and blue cheese.

Stuffed chicken breasts aren’t new territory for Simply Delicious6-4: Easy Stuffed Chicken Breasts and 6-25: Salmon-Filled Chicken Breasts are two variations on the concept that I’ve already covered.

I never have the fancy pepper they ask for, so we’re going with plain black pepper for this one. I’m the only one eating it anyway–blue cheese and whipping cream is a lactose-filled monstrosity.

Ingredients. Using chicken thighs instead of breasts because that’s usually what I have (and prefer). Decided to use thyme AND tarragon because why not both?

See? Thighs can be trimmed and sliced to work just like chicken breasts, and without the danger of drying out quickly!

Stuffed my sliced chicken thighs with the blue cheese mixture.

Brushed the outsides with the soy sauce mixture.

Poured in the cream and got some swirls with the soy sauce mixture.

After baking–that one that had the fat still on top got some nice color (the one on left).

Final plate–that golden fat on top was too much to resist. I got crazy and garnished it with a bit of parsley. Simple, but if you can eat dairy, pretty good.

Grade: A