17-33: Coconut Coffee Rolls

Here’s some easy breakfast or snack rolls to make that can get super addictive. 17-33: Coconut Coffee Rolls don’t necessarily need to be consumed with coffee if that’s not your bag, but they do pair nicely for a morning pick-me-up. ?☕️

I’ve made coconut rolls before, but they were somewhat different (17-67: Coconut Crescents) and I used those as part of my 2015 holiday gifts. Most of these rolls didn’t even make it out of the house–usually I try to distribute the majority of the baked good products of this project to my friends and family to avoid eating all of it ourselves.

I tried offloading some of these onto my mom, but she’s never liked coconut. I had an unfortunate incident once with coconut (too much rum at a illicit freshman year college dorm room party), but I’ve persevered, because there’s still a lot of good coconut things out there, like these rolls. I still get flashbacks though, on those rare occasions when I catch a whiff reminiscent of the ol’ Captain.

Ingredients. I realize lactose-free milk and a ton of butter are somewhat counter-productive, but it’s what I’ve got.

Dissolving the yeast in the briefly-warmed-in-the-microwave milk. Obviously I didn’t warm it in a metal bowl–a glass 2-cup measuring cup works just fine though.

Added the milk & melted butter, which was also melted via microwave in that same glass 2-cup measuring cup. I’m all about reusing where possible–less dishes.

About halfway there on the flour–it takes a while to get it to the right consistency.

After temporarily setting it free from its bowl prison. You’re going right back in there, dough–don’t get any crazy ideas.

While the dough monster grows in size, I work on the coconut filling. A fork works relatively well, but a whisk or small mixer would work just as well if not better.


After cutting the monster down. A bench scraper works well for chopping up dough, it’s what we used when we cut pieces of dough to shape into buns at the restaurant. THAT was a dough monster–this is nothing in comparison.

Stuffed with coconutty goodness and ready to rise & shine. ?

After baking. Come on, those look delicious, don’t they?

I (no joke) ate like 6 of these the night I made them. I paid for it the next morning (crazy headache), but I think next time I’d still eat like 3. Maybe 4.

Grade: A