16-32: Glazed Fresh Fruit Cake

I grew up in Southern California, and lived there up until about 10 years ago. At one of my last jobs before I left, I was often gifted with a Porto’s Bakery fruit tart, which was (and I’m sure still is) delectable. 16-32: Glazed Fresh Fruit Cake reminds me of those fruit tarts, and makes me excited for warmer weather days ahead (check with me again about that when we’re in the middle of summer).

Glazed fruit tarts aren’t unique to just Porto’s or Simply Delicious, and there’s even different options for glazing your fruit tarts, depending on what you’re going for.

Note that Simply Delicious wants you to use lemon-flavored gelatin (Jell-O) to glaze this cake. If you have any vegan/vegetarian concerns, plan accordingly.

Ingredients. I have a vegan/vegetarian version of lemon-flavored gelatin, but otherwise everything else is as listed.

Started grating my almond paste.

It says to add the eggs one at a time, so we’ll have to just do it in stages.

This is a gooey mess, but it’s getting there.

Adding in the sugar.

I could have done a better job integrating the eggs into the almond paste, but we’ll see what happens.

You can tell where I left lumps, but otherwise it mostly turned out okay, if a little over done.

While the cake was baking, I worked on prepping my fruit. I tried to get the cake out of the pan in one clean piece, but had one bad edge.

Starting to arrange the fruit.

Adding in more fruit.

Adding the final garnishes and touches.

Now to make the glaze.

I put the glaze back in the fridge for a few minutes to thicken it up some.

Using a pastry brush to apply it evenly.

Final product, with glaze. I actually think it looked better without the glaze, but I get the concept.

Grade: B+