6-49: Cheese-Glazed Chicken Rolls

I had mentioned in 6-35: Chicken Diable that I had another recipe that I needed to save some of the chicken breasts for–6-49: Cheese-Glazed Chicken Rolls was it. I don’t usually keep chicken breasts around (I think they’re dry and not particularly flavorful), so when I do have them, it’s best to try to knock out as many recipes as possible.

Simply Delicious has a lot of variations of  “light chicken breast dinners”–it was the 1980s. If you’re interested in some of these, check out 6-4: Easy Stuffed Chicken Breasts, the aforementioned 6-35: Chicken Diable, or 6-40: Peppercorn Chicken Breasts.

There’s not a lot to these–they’re essentially exactly as they describe themselves. They’d probably be pretty good for a potluck or a party–you could prep a lot of them beforehand and cook them all at once.

Ingredients. Chicken’s wrapped up after I took two of the six breasts out for 6-35: Chicken Diable. Subbed panko for regular breadcrumbs because I always do.

Pounding out the breasts under plastic wrap. I’m sure the neighbor loves this.

Combined Parmesan, bread crumbs, oregano, etc.

Stack of pounded chicken breasts, ready to be stuffed and rolled.

Half the cheese/herb/crumb mixture spread out among the breasts.

Rolled up and covered with the other half. Quarter-size sheet pans are great for stuff like this, and they fit in the toaster oven!

After baking. Looks decent, but nothing super exciting.

I deviated from the prescribed “X” cheese pattern and went with more of a diagonal “=” cheese pattern. I feel like you get more cheese-to-chicken coverage with this method.

Toaster oven does a pretty good broil/melt in 5 minutes, I might have left it in a few minutes longer if I did it again to get a little more browning on the cheese.

Final plated shot. Like I said earlier, I think these would be good prepared in bulk for a party, but they’re not bad for lunch or dinner either. They’re pretty tame on their own, but you could add a spicy sauce or some extras in the filling/seasoning to spice it up if you wanted.

Grade: B+