6-25: Salmon-Filled Chicken Breasts

I’ve been saving some lox in the freezer from a past brunch for this recipe, 6-25: Salmon-Filled Chicken Breasts. There’s not a lot of salmon recipes in Simply Delicious (despite salmon’s popularity in the 1980s & 90s), and this may be one of the only smoked salmon ones that I have in my collection for this book.

Definitely not the first time Simply Delicious has given a recipe for stuffed chicken breasts–see 6-4: Easy Stuffed Chicken Breasts for another take on the same idea. However, if you like smoked salmon like I do, you may have some extra laying around–here’s a use for it. ?

I don’t think my mom ever made this one, but she might have liked it–she likes lox, but only if you bury it under a bunch of onion and lemon on a bagel with cream cheese and capers. She can’t eat it straight from the package like me.

Ingredients. It’s tough to get fresh deli lox sometimes where we currently live, so sometimes we have to settle for what we call “lox-in-a-box”–the stuff you get from the seafood section of the grocery store that’s prepackaged. I don’t remember where the cuts of chicken came from, but I know they were oddly shaped.

Chicken piece pounded and sliced. It’s not pretty, but it’s all going in a foil pocket anyway.

About half the package of lox got eaten before it made it to the cutting board, but there was luckily still enough to chop and mix with the egg & seasonings.

Sloppy-looking chicken rolls stuffed with the salmon mixture.

Much neater-looking foil pouches containing aforementioned sloppy chicken/salmon rolls.

The best parts of the lemon (juice & zest). ?

Concocting the lemon sauce for the chicken rolls while they bake.

Less sloppy looking, but still not the best visually after baking.

Sauce makes everything better–it covers most of your mistakes. I sprinkled the top with a bit of tarragon (or maybe I swapped it for dill? That looks a lot like dill to me) and served it up. It was pretty good, but tasted a LOT like 1986.

Grade: A-