5-21: Omelette with Herbs

A few weekends ago, on a sleepy Saturday morning, I found myself with many eggs, some fresh parsley, and a desire for an omelette. Since I’m now at the point that every time I cook, I consider whether I could use up a Simply Delicious recipe on it, I knew there had to be a true omelette recipe in there, given their heavy reliance on French fine-dining recipes & methods. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, consider making 5-21: Omelette with Herbs.

5-21 Omelette with Herbs

Simply Delicious shows the half-fold omelette method in their pictures–I’ve always preferred the Alton Brown tri-fold omelette method. This is a truly classic French-style omelette, unlike the last omelette I covered (and messed up), 5-11: Country Omelette.

5-21 Omelette with Herbs1

My mom used to make a lot of cheese omelettes–especially for dinner when she wasn’t in the mood for something more complicated than essentially fancy scrambled eggs.


Ingredients. The only fresh herbs I had on hand was parsley, but I decided to throw some dried tarragon in there for variety. They mention that dried spices are okay, so any of those dried are cool if you have nothing fresh on hand.


Eggs & herbs mixed up.


Butter melting.


Loosening the sides to keep it from sticking.


Starting the tri-fold.


Letting the bottom cook for 30 seconds or so to seal the omelette and finish cooking the inside.


Final plated shot. I like a nice drizzle of sriracha on top of my eggs, but you go with whatever you like. This is an easy breakfast, and being able to make a nice omelette is a mark of a good cook.

Grade: A