19-13: Cooking with Cheese

There’s a lot of recipes in Simply Delicious that use cheese–all different types. While by no means an exhaustive list, 19-13: Cooking with Cheese goes over a few different types that you’ll probably encounter in your own culinary adventures. This is part of the last section of the book, a Cooking School compendium of basic culinary reference material.

19-13 Cooking with Cheese

Cheese might not be a big part of your diet, but it’s always been a big part of mine (for better or worse–what can I say, my maternal grandparents were Swedish and French and lived in the Midwest USA). After the jump, read more about some common types of cooking cheese.

19-13 Cooking with Cheese1

There’s not much I can add here, but as I have in some of the other entries, I’ll link to a few recipes that I’ve covered for each cheese that you can try. If I don’t have one yet, I’ll add one when I do!



Essentially a fancy Swiss cheese. 5-7: Quiche Lorraine suggests using Jarlsberg, but you could use it anywhere they call for Swiss cheese. Some recipes where Jarlsberg would work well instead of Swiss include:


Think beyond the green can of shaky cheese. While I’ll admit to using it for certain purposes, freshly grated/shaved Parmesan cheese has a totally different and much richer taste.



Brie is a soft, creamy French cheese surrounded by a tangy rind that usually has a place on fancier cheese plates. One of my favorite meals is a big loaf of kalamata olive batard and a wedge of Brie.



A creamy cheese with a real bite. When I wrote this originally, I didn’t have anything for Gorgonzola, but over time I’ve collected a few(see below).  Blue cheese is a close, stinky cousin, which I’ve mixed with Gorgonzola in a few of my recipes.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese always seems like “diet food” to me, and that’s pretty much how Simply Delicious treats it–it’s substituted a lot to cut calories. Its popularity in that regard is due to its status as a high protein/low fat dairy food.



A Greek goat cheese. Always good on salads and on top of veggies.

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