12-13: Tortellini in Creamy Sauce

I like tortellini. I like creamy sauce. I didn’t really like this take on those items, 12-13: Tortellini in Creamy Sauce.

This creamy sauce needed a LOT of help in the flavor and texture department, and that shouldn’t be the case for the biggest component of the dish. I did use cheese tortellini instead of meat ones, but even then, it was the sauce that needed the most help.

I wish I had read the “Tips” part on the side on this one before I went shopping–I would have just substituted for bacon and/or mushrooms instead of peas. I really don’t care for peas, and I’m the only one who’s going to be eating this, since it’s real cream.

Ingredients. Tortellini are dried bulk bin ones, and here’s the only time you’re going to see the aforementioned peas–I didn’t even add them in because I knew I’d just spend the whole time picking them back out. I’ll save them for something else.

2/3 of a pound is about 10.67 oz, so I just went simple and used 10 oz even, measured out on my baking scale.

These guys double in size when they’re done, so it’s best to wait the whole time, otherwise you’ll get small, crunchy tortellini.

Al-dente tortellini, draining in the sink after a cold water rinse.

I followed their directions, but the sauce was just way too thin. I didn’t have a lot of cheese on hand, so I tried other methods to thicken it, like a cornstarch slurry. I also added some more spices in, like paprika and a bit more salt.

Still kind of thin, but I’m working on beefing up the flavor with some Italian seasoning.

I got it to the point where it would at least stick to the pasta, but don’t fool yourself–this ain’t an Alfredo sauce.

Final plating, sans peas or any thing else besides tortellini and sauce. It was edible (in that I ate all of it), but I don’t think I’d make it again as is.

Grade: C