7-36: Pork Tenderloin with Curry Sauce

Costco had pork tenderloin on sale, so I’ll use that as an opportunity to work my way through some of those recipes in the book. Here’s 7-36: Pork Tenderloin with Curry Sauce, which I made for dinner a few weeks ago.

True to its claims, I made this one pretty quickly one weeknight for dinner. You could make this with a cheaper cut of pork as well (such as a chop) if you don’t want to pay for the more expensive tenderloin cut.

I tweaked this recipe to be dairy-lite by replacing the half-and-half/whipping cream with coconut cream, but still used butter to sear the meat. You could replace the butter with some kind of oil (coconut for one, if you want to keep the coconut theme going, or the peanut oil that they suggest) and make the whole thing dairy-free if you’d like.

Ingredients. Already noted about the use of coconut cream for half-and-half/whipping cream. Didn’t have steak sauce (A1, essentially), so I made a rough approximate using Worcestershire sauce, dijon mustard, and ketchup. No brandy, which I just 86’d.

Slicing (with my serrated knife) my tenderloin down. Pretty gruesome picture.

Pounded (left) tenderloin versus un-pounded tenderloin (right). Makes a difference.

Searing my tenderloin pieces. So far none of this has taken very long at all, just to note.

Now they’ve got some color/flavor to them.

Pulled the pieces out and held them in a bowl to the side while I made my sauce in the same pan. They don’t tell you to pull the pieces out, but it’s easier to mix the sauce evenly without having to navigate around pork obstacles.

Curry powder along with my “steak sauce” flavors (ketchup, dijon mustard, & Worcestershire sauce) in my coconut cream-based mixture.

After mixing the sauce together and adding my pork pieces back into the sauce. I let them cook as directed in the sauce for a few minutes to finish cooking them and really get the flavor in there.

Final plating, along with a quinoa/brown rice side dish that microwaved in a minute or two. Pretty quick & relatively healthy dinner that works well on a weeknight.

Grade: A