4-17: Crispy Potato Pancakes

4-17: Crispy Potato Pancakes is one of the last recipes I cooked in the kitchen with the blue tile counters and yellow walls–-our travels have taken us elsewhere. However, even though the backgrounds will change, the project lives on.

4-17 Crispy Potato Pancakes

These are essentially latkes. Very delicious latkes, I may add. If you have a food processor, these are a breeze.

4-17 Crispy Potato Pancakes1

I don’t know if my mom ever made these. I’ve made latkes before, but usually from the boxed mix you can buy around Passover or most anytime these days.


Ingredients. Only substitution is half-and-half for milk–didn’t make much of a difference, other than maybe making the pancakes a bit thicker. Used chicken fat for oil, since I needed to use it up.


Funky shot of me adding the salt.


It’s basically pancake batter with grated potatoes and salt thrown in–like hash brown pancakes.


Food processor + grater blade = much less work for all involved. Except maybe the processor.


Potatoes before…


…and potatoes after. Good idea to squeeze the water out, they’ll get soggy and discolored if you don’t–especially if you don’t make them right away.


My batter was a bit more liquidy than I would have liked…a lot of the liquid was left over after I used up the potato part. I may have gone heavier on the potatoes though with each cake–I wanted more potato and less pancake.


Cooking in the pan. The batter spread out from the potato, but it came out okay. Maybe not the prettiest, but it was still yummy.


Finished product, cooling/draining on the rack.


With a bit of sriracha on top–-sriracha on potato anything is one of my favorites. These are super easy and really good–-having a food processor makes this a snap.

Grade: A