8-18: Tangy Beef Rolls

Catching up after a few weeks of IRL obligations. Let’s get back to it.

This was one of the 4 recipes cooked in the batch I mentioned in 17-28: Pound Cake. I was making a large amount of food to store up while I was gone for a week, and one of those recipes was 8-18: Tangy Beef Rolls. Sounds deliciously 80s.

8-18 Tangy Beef Rolls

Book 2, Group 2 (Main Courses), Subgroup 8 (Beef) gives us card #18: Tangy Beef Rolls. How do you resist something beef-related that describes itself as “tangy”? Mine didn’t come out as classy as the one in this picture, but it was still definitely edible. And somewhat tangy.

8-18 Tangy Beef Rolls1

Not one we would have had growing up–mom wasn’t a fan of peppers or beef. Man, my childhood sounds deprived when I sit here and talk about all the things we didn’t eat. We were more of a eat-out and order-in type of family, despite my affection for cookbooks and cooking in general.


Ingredients. The list says green onion, which is what I have pictured there. When you read the recipe description, it mentions leeks. I realize some people interchange the two, but I’m a bit frustrated that they listed it that way, since they’re two different things to me.

Subbed half-and-half for whipping cream, and dried cranberries for cranberry jam (which I ended up forgetting to include at the end anyway). Also subbed chicken broth for vegetable broth and fresh mushrooms for canned/sliced ones.


The meat I used was “beef chuck cross rib steak – thin/boneless”. It came in 4 large slices, so I halved each to make 8 smaller slices for rolls.


I also pounded each slice thinner–for tenderization purposes and stress-relief purposes. Banging away on a piece of meat with a hammer does wonders for stress. 😉


Colorful peppers, green onions, and mushrooms cooking on the stove.


Ready to be rolled.


Roll o’beef. Having a long, thin strip makes it a bit easier than a circular piece–I had to think about it a bit before I cut the larger pieces down.


Tough to gauge how much will stay in there–I could have put more in each roll, but the ends were already leaking a bit. It all depends on how you cut the beef.


All 8 rolls fit in one 12″ pan–the same one I used for the veggies earlier.


Getting some color on all the sides (except the top, where the toothpick is sticking out). Once they’ve cooked and stiffened up a bit, you can pull the toothpicks and brown the last side.


Mixing in the flour and cream. I used a stunt pourer for this shot. 🙂


The final product. As I mentioned at the beginning, I totally forgot the cranberries, which were the crux of the tangy element. However, they were still pretty good, and I don’t even like mushrooms and peppers that much.

Grade: B+

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