8-18: Tangy Beef Rolls

Catching up after a few weeks of IRL obligations. Let’s get back to it.

This was one of the 4 recipes cooked in the batch I mentioned in 17-28: Pound Cake. I was making a large amount of food to store up while I was gone for a week, and one of those recipes was 8-18: Tangy Beef Rolls. Sounds deliciously 80s.

Book 2, Group 2 (Main Courses), Subgroup 8 (Beef) gives us card #18: Tangy Beef Rolls. How do you resist something beef-related that describes itself as “tangy”? Mine didn’t come out as classy as the one in this picture, but it was still definitely edible. And somewhat tangy.

Not one we would have had growing up–mom wasn’t a fan of peppers or beef. Man, my childhood sounds deprived when I sit here and talk about all the things we didn’t eat. We were more of a eat-out and order-in type of family, despite my affection for cookbooks and cooking in general.

Ingredients. The list says green onion, which is what I have pictured there. When you read the recipe description, it mentions leeks. I realize some people interchange the two, but I’m a bit frustrated that they listed it that way, since they’re two different things to me.

Subbed half-and-half for whipping cream, and dried cranberries for cranberry jam (which I ended up forgetting to include at the end anyway). Also subbed chicken broth for vegetable broth and fresh mushrooms for canned/sliced ones.

The meat I used was “beef chuck cross rib steak – thin/boneless”. It came in 4 large slices, so I halved each to make 8 smaller slices for rolls.

I also pounded each slice thinner–for tenderization purposes and stress-relief purposes. Banging away on a piece of meat with a hammer does wonders for stress. 😉

Colorful peppers, green onions, and mushrooms cooking on the stove.

Ready to be rolled.

Roll o’beef. Having a long, thin strip makes it a bit easier than a circular piece–I had to think about it a bit before I cut the larger pieces down.

Tough to gauge how much will stay in there–I could have put more in each roll, but the ends were already leaking a bit. It all depends on how you cut the beef.

All 8 rolls fit in one 12″ pan–the same one I used for the veggies earlier.

Getting some color on all the sides (except the top, where the toothpick is sticking out). Once they’ve cooked and stiffened up a bit, you can pull the toothpicks and brown the last side.

Mixing in the flour and cream. I used a stunt pourer for this shot. 🙂

The final product. As I mentioned at the beginning, I totally forgot the cranberries, which were the crux of the tangy element. However, they were still pretty good, and I don’t even like mushrooms and peppers that much.

Grade: B+