17-8: Tasty Dinner Rolls

So, it’s probably weird to write about what you made for Thanksgiving when it’s March. It’s probably even weirder to write about what you made for Thanksgiving 2022 in March 2024. But, here we are, and here’s 17-8: Tasty Dinner Rolls. Which I made for Thanksgiving…in 2022 (TGV 2022).

It’s taking me a minute to catch up on some of these, what can I say.

There’s not much more to say about rolls than what they said above. Trust me, I wrote this a few times and then realized each version was essentially a rehash of what they already wrote. Since I’m not trying to hit a word count for a school report here, let’s move on.

This is not a vegan-friendly recipe as-written, but can pretty easily be made so by just subbing out your choice of dairy-free milks for the milk and using either margarine or something equivalent (but vegan) for the butter.

You can go even further and sub out some (or all) of the flour for wheat flour as they suggest in the TIPS box. Or go the other way and sub out all of the flour for gluten-free flour and see how that goes? Lots of options for modification.

Ingredients. I’m going with traditional butter and flour, but subbing in oat/almond milk. It’s exciting to have an opportunity to use my bread lame.

Starting the yeast.

Weighing out my flour. I went for a full pound, since they weren’t super clear in the recipe. Probably not a great idea, and you’ll see why in a minute.

Added the salt…

…and most of the flour, as instructed.

The wooden spoon method isn’t really for me–I prefer to do the whole thing by hand from beginning to end, if possible.

Portioning out the dough. The quartz wa okay to work on, but I’ve since moved to a wood-topped table in the middle of the kitchen for my bread-making.

After portioning. The shaping would prove to be challenging, but it was a slightly dry dough. Probably because I went for the whole 1 lb of flour, and the recipe read 3/4 to 1 lb. What kind of bread recipe makes it so open-ended like that?

After shaping. I wouldn’t sell them at a restaurant, I can tell you that.

Slashing the tops with my bread lame.

After proofing (step 5). They do look bigger, but still not great.

After baking–mine look a little light due to my use of non-dairy milk. I’ll pop them back in just a bit longer to try to get them a little darker.

Final basket as served at Thanksgiving, along with some other dishes. These were decent, if not a little boring (and dry)–and that’s not just because of the non-dairy milk swap.

Grade: B