12-8: Penne with Broccoli

As you’ve probably figured out, I don’t always write these immediately after I’ve cooked the dish. I usually remember a lot about them though, and I make a lot of mental notes as I go, especially now that I’ve done 80+ of these at this point.

I don’t remember a damned thing about 12-8: Penne with Broccoli. I’m pretty sure the only thing I remember was that it was pretty unmemorable.

My guess is it’s one of those one-pan-skillet-easy-weeknight-dinner kind of things that gets you to eat vegetables by covering them in cheese and noodles. Not that that’s bad, but it’s nothing new.

My mom probably did make this one, or at least a lot of dishes similar to it. She probably would have 86’d the mushrooms though.

Ingredients–everything’s legit except for that I made more pasta than 6 oz.

Do your mise en place–it’ll be much easier once you get going.

Sauté away.

Blanching my broccoli.

Everything all together–those onions and mushrooms really cook down.

Veggies cooking with milk and flour–you’re essentially making a roux for your cheese sauce base.

Adding in the cheese to make the cheese sauce. I didn’t take any pictures of the pasta boiling, but I think you can imagine it. If you can’t, 12-4: Pasta with Mushrooms is essentially this recipe with less broccoli & cheese and has also got you covered in the pictures-of-pasta-in-boiling-water department.

Finished product. I think it was a pretty good dinner, but obviously nothing standout. Sometimes simple is okay too, I suppose.

Grade: B