11-18: Salmon Steaks with Mushrooms

I’m aware of two salmon steak recipes in my Simply Delicious collection, 11-15: Grilled Salmon with Thyme and this one, 11-18: Salmon Steaks with Mushrooms. The other one mentions you can substitute salmon fillets if you can’t find the steaks, which is what I had to do for this one. Strangely enough, I WAS able to find them for the other one. Believe it or not, I’ve been looking for them for a while and just haven’t had very good luck with it (even in Northern California, where it seems like you can find just about anything if you look hard enough).

Simply Delicious does NOT miss an opportunity for a mushroom sauce–it’s kind of their thing. They suggest rice (10/10?) as a side dish, but I’m going to go with some gnocchi instead.

Quick note: Just passed the 8-year anniversary of this project, and I’m STILL going. I’ll be doing this FOREVER.

They mention in the TIPS that you can use morel mushrooms if you have them–there’s a rare ingredient I’ve never cooked with before…something to consider for future recipes/entries. It looks like it might be morel season right now as I’m posting this (Spring 2022), so maybe a foraging trip could be in the cards? I’ll have to head awfully far east or north from where I am right now though…maybe I’ll just stick to finding them online.

Ingredients. As I mentioned before the jump, I had to go with salmon fillet instead of steaks since that’s all I could find in the market at the time I looked. I don’t have any fancy morels (or chanterelles), but I did happen to have some shiitakes to throw in with the basic criminis, so at least it’s a little more interesting. Oh, and the standard non-dairy swaps for the suggested real things.

Slicing up the (boring) mushrooms.

Sautéing said (boring) mushrooms.

Constructing the rest of the mushroom sauce.

It’s a sauce! Looks a lot like (and tastes somewhat like) cream of mushroom soup.

Sliced my salmon fillet up into 4 pieces.

Dredged those pieces in flour, as directed.

Cleaned out the pan and started another round of melting butter.

I held my sauce in a small pot on the side to keep warm.

I had gnocchi cooking too, but all you need to see is the end result after it’s been cooked and drained.

Salmon pieces are cooking in the butter (skin side down–they don’t tell you that since this isn’t supposed to be a fillet recipe, but in case it becomes one for you too, put the skin down).

One quick flip to get some color on the top–most of the cooking when it’s a skin-on filet is done with the skin side down. You can flip it quickly at the end just to make it look a little nicer, but don’t leave it too long!

Final picture, with my salmon fillet (instead of steak) and my gnocchi (instead of rice). Even though there were some liberties taken, it was still a pretty good dish, and not as hard as it may look. The hardest part will probably be finding the salmon steaks.

Grade: A-