9-18: Stuffed Onions

Never before did I think, “Boy, I should stuff some onions and eat them.” 9-18: Stuffed Onions were not the easiest dish to prepare and I don’t think I would ever choose to prepare it again.

This dish did taste exactly like meat loaf. It is a lot easier to make a meat loaf than to stuff onions, so next time, I’ll get the loaf pan out and chop the onions up.

Choosing the right onions is essential. I could have used bigger onions for this recipe. A paper thin outer skin is important because it will separate easily from the outer layer. I had to remove one layer too many because these onions had a thicker skin.

Quite the spread of ingredients here. Lots of onion and ground beef.

Here is where i peeled off one too many layers and came out with small onions.

Water in the pot, getting up to temperature.

The onions go in the pot to cook for 10 minutes while I prepare the stuffing.

Mixing milk. cornstarch, salt, and pepper into the ground beef.

With the stuffing all mixed up, it’s time to prepare the onions.

The onions were cooling in a colander in the sink.

In my attempt to scoop out the interior sections of the onion, I damaged some of the outer parts of the onion.

Stuffing onions is not easy. The stuffing was a little runny, I should have added more cornstarch. Using toothpicks, I carefully skewered together the onions.

Adding the onions slowly, I carefully rotated them to brown the outsides.

Check out that color. They get a lot darker, but then they fall apart.

After the outsides were browned, I added the braising liquid.

Like a tragic, brown flower, 9-18: Stuffed Onions was not quite exactly a success. I ate two of the onions and then pulled the stuffing out of the other onions and ate them like tiny hamburgers. Because the beef cooks inside of the onion, it gets infused with the broth and onion’s goodness. I wouldn’t cook these again, but they tasted alright.