9-8: Mushroom Beef Patties

I’ve done quite a few recipes lately that include mushrooms, and now we’re doing one that expressly features them: 9-8: Mushroom Beef Patties. Simply Delicious also has several “patty” recipes, and now here’s one with mushrooms. I know–really pushing the culinary envelope here with both mushrooms AND beef patties.

I had mentioned in my last Group 09 entry (9-23: Fruity Sausage Kebabs) that I believed that I had run out of recipes for this section. HOWEVER, after I obtained the NEW book, I was able to squeeze out at least one more for you. There’s still another one hanging out in the queue (9-11: Stuffed Peppers), so we’re not quite done with it yet.

These don’t look much different than a lot of the other “patty” recipes that Simply Delicious has featured–ground meat was (and still is) typically thought of as a quick/cheap/easy/versatile meal option. In patty form, it can be changed pretty easily with different mix-ins, sauces, or accompaniments, which is why the authors have leaned so heavily on patties in this chapter.

Ingredients. I decided to go (almost) full replacement for this one, and swapped out all ingredients I could for “free-from” options (except for the flour–it’s still not gluten-free). I’ve swapped the dairy and egg options for dairy-free and replacement ones and am using Impossible meat instead of real meat. The mushrooms are still mushrooms though–I can assure you of that.

Another recipe, another picture of chopped onions.

Mushrooms have to be split and cut two ways on this one–sliced AND chopped.

All mise en place completed–time to move onto cooking. In case you were wondering what the green beans are about, I served this with a side of 13-22: Green Bean Pilaf, and had done all the prep for both in one shot.

Opening up the Impossible grounds–it really DOES look like meat.

Even more so when you mix it up with mushrooms.

Patties are formed, and placed onto wax bakery sheets to make it easy to flip them into the pan. This works great for when you need to take them outside to the grill as well, or if you need to make hundreds of patties in advance and stack/store them in hotel pans for when you run a burger restaurant. My onion probably could have been chopped smaller, but it’ll work.

Patties in the pan, doing their thing.

After flipping. Remember, no real meat or dairy was used in the making of these patties.

I had made these patties (along with 13-22: Green Bean Pilaf) as part of a meal-prep for lunches for the week, so I placed each finished patty into a lunch container. Something’s still missing though…

You hadn’t forgotten about the mushroom sauce to accompany the mushroom patties, had you? Remember, we had to do those mushrooms two ways for this recipe, and here’s why.

They always cook down so far when you sauté them.

After combining the sauce ingredients–looks like a pretty standard mushroom sauce to me.

After topping my patties and garnishing with a bit of (dried) parsley. Overall, a perfectly serviceable (and moderately healthy, as these recipes go) lunch/dinner option.

Grade: B+