15-3: Orange Parfait

Parfait means something different in America than in other places, so if you’re a Yank like me, you may find the description and name of 15-3: Orange Parfait to be a bit of a mismatch.

In current-day America, parfait usually refers to a fruit/yogurt/granola cup you might find at Starbucks or McDonalds for an easy breakfast on-the-go. In other places (like France), parfait usually refers to what is essentially ice cream, which is pretty close to what Simply Delicious has got for you here today.

Fun fact: there can be meat parfaits as well (similar to a pâté). I think I’ll skip that version for today.

This is a do-ahead recipe, so there’s a bit of planning that must go into it if you want to have it ready to serve for a particular event. They don’t really frame it in any other way other than preparing it for a party, but if you want to make these just for you, go ahead. Treat yo’ self.

Note that they mention on BOTH sides of the card that you should freeze and serve these in hollowed-out orange halves (SPOILER: I did), but they don’t show that nor even suggest that you might want to have some actual oranges on hand to make that happen.

Ingredients. Here’s my orange, and I’m using non-dairy whip instead of the suggested whipping cream. I also have something in a squeezy bottle there, and I’ll be honest with you–I don’t remember what it is.

I THINK it might be some sort of simple syrup I made for something else and decided to use here as well, but I made this like a year ago and it’s been kind of a busy year.

No use for these egg whites in this recipe, but they’d make a nice meringue if you needed one.

Here’s the egg yolks and sugar, ready to be mixed.

After mixing.

Juicing the oranges with a dollar-store juicer. I need the hollowed-out halves and the juice, so this is the best way to go about it.

This is me attempting to carefully fold in the whipped topping. It worked well enough, but it’s not easy to do it without deflating it a bit.

I stored most of it in the now-empty topping container (reusing is recycling!), but kept some for the orange halves.

I put a paper towel inside of a small bowl to hold each of the halves while they froze in order to decrease spillage as well as make it so I could get them back out easily afterwards.

Final picture–I used my spray whip for the topping since that’ll look more impressive. Are you impressed?

Taste is pretty good–imagine orange cream popsicles, but in basically ice cream format. ??

Grade: A