17-24: Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

I made 17-24: Crispy Oatmeal Cookies for a family get together and they went over very well. I didn’t serve mine in such an elaborate manner as shown on the card below, but they got a good reception because I dipped them in dark chocolate that I melted on a double boiler. 🍫

We didn’t have an ice cream on hand, but these cookies make a great dessert all on their own. 🍪

My audience for these cookies would definitely have enjoyed them on a scoop of ice cream.

All the dry ingredients go in the bowl first. According to the card, I was supposed to mix these before adding the wet, but I just dumped the wet in as shown in the next picture.

Added the maple syrup and the milk and got to stirring. My hands were sticky during much of this, so I don’t have photos of putting the dough balls onto the sheet pans.

The cookies going into the oven.

The cookies fresh from the oven.

The cookies were moved onto a rack to cool. I tried to roll them as in the photo on the card, but I broke a lot of cookies that way. I did roll a few and dipped them in chocolate.

Check out the dark chocolate dipped cookies on the same rack rig that Jamie set up for the tempura.

The dark chocolate coating has a nice velvety texture to it. These cookies taste as good as they look.