17-18: Golfer’s Rolls

If you’re looking for something you could use for making lunches in advance, 17-18: Golfer’s Rolls could be an option. My suggestion? Use a creamier, softer cheese like they do in their picture (Simply Delicious shows Brie) or add some mayonnaise/avocado/hummus at the time of eating because these rolls can get a little dry.

Simply Delicious advocates freezing these rolls after filling them like sandwiches, and then bringing them with you somewhere (like a golf course). While my new co-workers like to play golf a lot, I only ended up bringing these to lunch at my desk. ⛳️

If you want to keep it vegetarian, you could fill these with just cheese, or maybe cheese and veggies–I bet cream cheese, apples, cucumber, & sprouts would go well with these rolls.  If you choose to go the meat route, stick with a softer creamy cheese like Brie, provolone, or the aforementioned cream cheese.

Ingredients. Rye flour is sitting on top of the flour & sugar, leftover from 17-37: Holiday Cookies and 17-27: Nut Cookies. I didn’t have any light corn syrup (probably the type they were calling for), so dark corn syrup (recently purchased for 17-65: Giant Caramel Rolls) will have to do.

Melted butter stirred into lukewarm milk with yeast. I wonder if my butter was a bit too warm–I feel like these rolls could have risen more, and too much initial heat on the yeast could have been a factor in that.

Two kind of flours, along with the spice mixture. These are going to be very aromatic rolls.

Dough before adding the all-purpose flour.

Kneaded and left to rise.

Like I said, it didn’t rise all that much–I think I wounded if not killed the yeast with the hot melted butter. It did gain slightly though, so I divided up what I had.

I can’t resist rolling balls like buns when I portion them out, and these ones probably would have benefitted from NOT being rolled that way and then squished. I should have rolled them more like mini-baguettes.

After baking. These would have much made much better dinner rolls than sandwich bread. There’s still a half dozen or so in my freezer–that’s probably the fate those will have.

As I mentioned, I froze half of them uncut (I paired them off and wrapped them in twos before freezing), but the other half I turned into sandwiches for lunches. I sliced and toasted the roll halves in my toaster oven–this might have helped dry them out some as well.

Here’s one that didn’t end up wrapped and chilled–I filled the sandwich ones with Colby Jack cheese and Black Forest ham from Costco. There’s no dressing or anything else on the ones I wrapped–they probably could have benefitted from some.

This one does have some dressing on it because I had it for lunch after making these, and they definitely tasted the best fresh rather than the ones I had for lunch at work a few days later.

Here’s the four I wrapped and chilled–they made for two days of workday lunches for Adam and I. The first ones were great, the second ones were okay, the third ones were very dry. Maybe freezing and unfreezing would have prevented that some, but I doubt it. Bring something to perk them up, and they’ll be fine.

Grade: B