17-62: Scandinavian Coffee Cake

I had mentioned in a recent entry (16-11: Meringue-Topped Chocolate Pie) that when I make baked goods for sharing with my work colleagues, I try to make them gluten-free if possible. Not only do I have a good friend at work that eats gluten-free, it offers one more option for the other people there who may want to make a gluten-free choice as well. 17-62: Scandinavian Coffee Cake was the first Simply Delicious recipe that I adapted for this particular purpose, and it turned out really well.

17-62 Scandinavian Coffee CakeIn the other recipe I cited above (16-11: Meringue-Topped Chocolate Pie), I mentioned that I didn’t have the pictures for this recipe, even though I did cook it. Well, turns out I found the pictures…so here it is, over a year after I made it in reality. ⏳

17-62 Scandinavian Coffee Cake1Looking over this again a year or so later, this was really good. I kind of want to make it again.

IMG_6751Ingredients. Swapped all-purpose flour for a 1:1 gluten-free baking mix. I like using mixes for gluten-free because I find the blends make a better and more comparable substitute than the single-source (e.g., rice or potato) flours. Regular (active dry) yeast swapped in for cake yeast, for reasons I’ve discussed before.

IMG_6752Creaming the butter and sugar in the stand mixer.

IMG_6755Mixing the filling.

IMG_6760Attempting to create 9″ rounds of dough.

IMG_6761With the aid of the tart tamper, I was able to get the bottom layer of dough in there.

IMG_6763Spreading in the filling.

IMG_6764Somewhat evenly filled.

IMG_6766Sealed in with the top layer of dough–egg on the right for egg wash.

IMG_6767Sprinkled the brown sugar and sliced (instead of chopped) almonds on top.

IMG_6768After baking. A bit brown on top, but that tends to just be the hallmark of my oven.


Still looks (and tasted) delicious on the inside. Took most of this to work (had to slice it to fit it into the container I wanted to take it to work in) and it was a big hit. I’m just glad I was able to find the pictures.

Grade: A