15-30: Champagne Sundaes

The final dish of my Mother’s Day brunch this year (MD2017) was the second half of my dessert options (in addition to 17-23: Mocha Éclairs): 15-30: Champagne Sundaes. My mom loves mimosas (which we had in abundance already), and since we already had fruit from 15-19: Layered Fruit Salad, I decided this would be an easy dish to make as well. Plus, it’s nice to have something light to finish with–it balances out the other rich dishes I made for this meal.

I decided to update this recipe concept for the 2010s: I served them in mason jar glasses instead of stemmed glasses. This could totally be a dish at current-day hipster bottomless-mimosa brunches everywhere.🍾

I did end up following their tip for a non-alcoholic version on one of the ones I made–I used some lemon-flavored sparkling water instead of one of their suggestions, but I think one of those sparkling ciders you see around New Years would be good too.

Ingredients. It’s still a bit early in the season for melons, so these were maybe not as ripe as I would have liked. I originally wanted gelato for my “ice cream” option, but had to settle for raspberry sorbet.

I don’t have a lot of experience using a melon baller, and even through a whole half of each melon, could not get the hang of it. I ended up with a lot of half-moon bowl-shaped pieces like you see above. After doing a half of each melon that way, I just cut up the other half into more square-ish shaped pieces like you’d get in a regular fruit salad.

Half weird bowl shapes, half breakfast potato cubes.

Ran into the same problem with the honeydew, ended up with the same solution.

I did the melon prep a few days before–the day of I loaded the jars up with layers of the rinsed, prepped fruit and held them in the fridge until dessert time. I then put a healthy scoop of raspberry sorbet in the top of each jar.

I poured champagne up to the berries in 3 of them and sparkling lemon water in the fourth and served them alongside 17-23: Mocha Éclairs as the dessert to my Mother’s Day brunch. My mom loved all of it and called it a “perfect day”. I feel like I did good for this one–thanks again, Simply Delicious.

Grade: A

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