17-67: Coconut Crescents

Merry Christmas! ? Or if it’s not Christmas when you’re reading this, hope you’re having a nice day. ? The final component of my holiday assortment this year was 17-67: Coconut Crescents, and since they turned out somewhat nicely (unlike some of the other components), I thought it best to end this holiday baking burst on a high note.

I included these in my assortment to vary some texture (not all cookies) and to make at least one that used a yeast dough. These can be really versatile–just swap coconut for something else like a strawberry filling or sprinkle something like brown sugar on top.

The suggestion at the bottom about adding orange or lemon peel is a good one–I saw it too late to include the extra orange zest I had left over from making 17-43: Orange Date Quick Bread. It would have added even more flavor to it which would have been nice–they were somewhat tame in flavor on the inside.

Ingredients. Lactose free milk is what we have in the house, and I used my yeast packets instead of the big jar from the bulk bin because I didn’t feel like measuring and I needed to use them up. Coconut is a bulk bin bag as well.

Yeast in warmed-up milk. Looks…chunky.

Egg being mixed into yeast/milk/butter mixture.

Dough getting ready to rise in a covered bowl for an hour. I skipped picturing a few steps, but there’s been so much mixing/pictures of mixing over the last few days, I think you’ll get over it.

Mixing the coconut, butter, & powdered sugar.

After mixing–it’s essentially buttercream frosting with coconut mixed in.

Doesn’t make a ton–you might want to make extra if you’re heavy-handed with it (or you can’t stop eating it while baking).

Nice ball of dough–bigger and softer than it was an hour ago.

Chopped it into pieces (I did double batches of everything) with my pastry cutter–these are nice to have if you do a lot of dough, especially breads.

Rolled each piece out into what I have to say is a very nice circle. All of those sessions playing Cooking Mama on Wii really paid off.

Missed perfect lines by that much.

Stuffed and rolled and ready to go–my sous chef/husband was doing the stuffing and rolling while I flattened and cut dough circles (hence the lack of pictures).

Egg washed them and sprinkled some coconut on top.

After coming out–one less minute might have prevented that excessive browning/singed coconut, but otherwise they turned out pretty well. The dough rose well and they were very flaky & puffy.

Close up of one–they had a bit of a “hole” in the middle where the filling would have been had it not for the most part melted inside. I don’t know why they thought buttercream frosting would stay frosting after being in a hot oven.

Here’s this recipe, 17-67: Coconut Crescents along with the other recipes I made for my holiday gifts this year:

These were pretty good, but I’d swap out a different filling and they’d be even better.

Hope you made (or plan to make) some great treats this year!

Grade: B+