2-2: Mushrooms à la Grecque

À la Grecque” means “in the Greek way” in French, and 2-2: Mushrooms à la Grecque is a French preparation of vegetables (in this case mushrooms) in a seasoned oil and wine marinade. Simply Delicious considers this a salad, so I guess we’ll go with that description as well.

This is essentially marinated mushrooms, a pretty classic dish. This one’s pretty simple, it holds well, and most people are into it, so it makes a good party dish too. ?

I just noticed that they kept their stems in and I took mine out. Well, what can you do. I guess I took the mushroom cleaning in their tips section a bit too far.

Ingredients. I combined two sets of mushrooms (pre-sliced and whole) into one container, but I’m only using the whole ones for this recipe. I went with shallot instead of onion, since I had some on hand.

So, um, leave the stems in? I don’t know, I think they’re better out, but mine had ugly stems.

Marinade ingredients into the pot for boiling.

Used a small colander and a bowl to strain out the bigger solid bits.

Mushrooms marinating in the mixture. They recommend keeping them at room temperature because if you eventually stick them in the fridge (as I did) the oil will solidify and it will be much less appetizing.

Here’s a sample plate after some major marinating (this was the next day). I didn’t eat any (texture thing), but my in-house reviewer gave them a big thumbs-up. ?

Grade: A