1-20: Prosciutto Appetizers

There’s not a lot to 1-20: Prosciutto Appetizers, but think of them as a fancier version of the classic appetizer roll-ups that feature some sort of cold cut wrapped around some sort of cream cheese. I originally intended to make these to bring with when we attended a fancy picnic-type event last year, but ran out of time before the day arrived.

Since I’m the only one who can eat these anyway, I ended up making them as a snack for myself when Adam was out of town a few weeks ago. I love Prosciutto ham, blue cheese, AND cream cheese, so these were snacks I was quite looking forward to.

1-20 Prosciutto Appetizers1

They’re not kidding when they say “fairly expensive”…these aren’t cheap to make. I had to shop for most of the ingredients in the fancy deli section of the market. đź’°


Ingredients. I couldn’t commit to just blue cheese or gorgonzola, and I needed some of both for 5-20: Golden Cheese Tartlettes and 1-37: Savory Cheese Appetizers, so I used both for this recipe as well. I went with parsley as my fresh herb, but that was mostly due to stretching it over a few recipes as well.


This Prosciutto ham is already sliced, but to get the most out of it (and more than a handful of them), it’s probably best to cut it one more time. They’ll be a little shorter than the ones in their pictures, but that’s okay.


Because I just happened to have a ruler nearby, I measured my slices. They’re definitely smaller than the 2″ recommended by Simply Delicious, but I think that makes them better appetizers anyway–easier to pop in your mouth in one bite.


I ate a few slices while prepping, so I ended up with 8 pieces to stuff & roll–which is exactly how many they said you’d have. Maybe they knew you’d snack on a few.

Chopped the parsley and mixed it with the cheeses.


Stinky cheesy stuffing. This was my first of the blue cheese trio of recipes I made–after this,  5-20: Golden Cheese Tartlettes, and 1-37: Savory Cheese Appetizers, it was starting to wear on me a bit.

A dollop at the end, then rolled up and toothpicked.


They made delicious snacks, and I found myself grabbing one or two each time I opened the fridge. Scaled up, they’d make great appetizers for a party–8 is definitely not enough.

Grade: A+