2-8: Chicken Salad

Simply Delicious has the best decor in these photos. The wooden salad plate, white wine, and hand carved chicken plant box add a lot of character to this photo accompanying 2-8: Chicken Salad, it all screams 1980’s “chic”. Their final photo looks a lot more appetizing than my stark modern plating.

Such a luncheon treat! The chutney and mustard give the salad dressing a tangy flavor that compliments the chicken really well.

Thanks TIPS Section! Saving leftover chicken is very easy to do and helps to whip together a chicken salad any night after work.

Stacking ingredients is fun. I try to show off the labels of everything so it is clear, but the label of the chutney is hidden by a suggestive cucumber. Haha! That’s a common trick that chefs play on each other that I learned from Jamie’s time at the restaurant.

Editor’s note: I plead the 5th. ?

Off camera, I chop up all the toppings into salad-sized pieces. Next, I toss some leafy salad greens go in the bowl.

Tomato wedges go on top.

Next, I add the cucumber. The weird shape is due to my method of cutting the skin off. I didn’t want to pull out the peeler so I peeled it with a knife and got a weird medallion shape out of it.

Sliced mushrooms go in the bowl on top of the greens.

Chopped walnuts are my favorite!

Sliced chicken goes into the bowl next.

Final step is to add some fresh chopped parsley. Gotta whip up the dressing at this point.

Here’s the separate ingredients in the bowl, ready to whip into a tasty salad dressing.

This recipe advises to serve the salad dressing “alongside” which I took to mean “on the side”. If I had to make it again, I would probably toss the salad with the dressing before serving. I also advise to chop the chicken into different sized chunks than the strips I show in this blog post. It can be hard to distinguish the chicken from mushroom when they are both similar in size, thickness, and color.