15-18: Chocolate Favorites

Cold desserts are not my area of expertise, but I gave it a shot for this recipe. ❄ 15-18: Chocolate Favorites were a hit! I really just got a kick out of saying “Chocolate Favorite” when describing these little treats. ?

Bite sized pastries are the best! These two layers did come out as intended, a one-two punch of chocolate flavors. This recipe did indeed make me want to rejoice. ?

I enjoyed eating these frozen, but it is easier on the teeth if you let them thaw first.

The ingredients shot contains the most common pastry ingredients: vanilla, sugar, eggs, flour and butter.

Melting chocolate and butter together into a smooth base for creating pastry dough.

Yummy…melted chocolate is my favorite. I think that is the inspiration for the name “Chocolate Favorite”.

Adding powdered sugar to the chocolate base makes the dough get thicker.

Next, measure and add 1 Tablespoon of flour to the mixture.

One egg at a time, I mixed the egg yolks into chocolate mixture.

Next, mix in the vanilla to enhance the chocolate flavor. At this point, set up another bowl for creating meringue with the egg whites from the eggs that were separated earlier in the recipe.

Egg whites are ready to be whipped, I need a bigger bowl.

I folded the chocolate into the whipped egg whites despite the directions advising the opposite. There wasn’t enough room in the bowl containing the chocolate, so I added the chocolate to the meringue bowl which achieved the same effect.

In a new bowl, I poured 1 cup of the chocolate mixture and added 1 cup of sour cream. Stirring this together creates the soft, fluffy layer that is the top of the “Chocolate Favorite” which is my favorite part.  I filled the mini muffin cups according to the directions and put the pan in the oven.

These truly are “Chocolate Favorites”.

It was super difficult to stop at eating only one of these at a time, just like the famous Lays potato chip.

When served cold, these two-layered pastries are an astonishing chocolate delight. The top layer is light and fluffy while the bottom is more chewy and cake-ish, like a brownie.